Poker continues to be one of the most adored forms of gambling. Visit any casino or go on a cruise and you’ll see how loved this game is with filled cardrooms. But have you ever wondered why poker and Texas Hold’em in particular, is loved so much? Well, we will offer four reasons why we think it is in this article.

1]  Easy to learn

Despite poker being a game that is hard to master it’s easy to learn the rules. From poker books to poker training sites offering tips and advice, you can learn poker strategy easily. Within a few minutes you can grasp the key parts of Texas Hold’em. This makes it accessible and gives people reasons to play it in home games or online.

2] It’s Fun

Unlike some other gambling forms, poker is incredibly fun. It doesn’t matter if you prefer cash or tournaments, poker is just an enjoyable game to play in. For some people it’s the adrenaline of winning a pot, making a bluff or getting pocket aces. The reasons may differ but all poker players who play regularly do so because they find it fun.

3] Social interaction

Another reason poker is loved is for the interaction we have with players. There are certainly some interesting characters in the poker world and you get to chat to them at the tables. We are social beings after all and playing with other players is opportunity to have casual chat that other gambling games don’t allow. If you play bingo you need to focus on the numbers coming out, likewise with slots you need to keep pressing the buttons. In live poker, you can chat between hands with relative ease.

4] Skill based

Finally, poker is loved for the inherent skill element. Players like to partake in a game where they’re not an underdog to the house. Poker is between people so the winnings you make are from other players, not against the house like other forms. It’s hard to quantify the skill element in poker but suffice to say it’s large. It’s widely accepted that a good poker player will never have a losing year. Sure, a winning player will have bad days and lose but in the long run, the best poker players win.